Maximizing productivity

Supporting sustainability

BioSynThai Biotechnology (BioSynThai, for short) is a newly established biotechnology venture group in Thailand. Our goal is to channel our academic research into productive, sustainable technology solutions for the industry and society.

Mitigating the effects of global warming and climate change is among the biggest challenges of our times. BioSynThai’s mission is to discover and apply biotechnology solutions to this. Our research will leverage upon our pioneering knowledge in enzyme catalysis, synthetic biology and process engineering.

At BioSynThai, we believe that the circular economy model is the key for driving sustainable consumption and production. Unsustainable demand and inefficient use of resources is the major cause of global warming and climate change. Traditional production processes are part of the so-called “linear-economy” in which resources are transformed into the desired products, used by consumers and subsequently disposed of as waste. Circular economy eliminates waste, increasing productivity and efficiency. Our vision is to enable this with the power of biotechnology and smart process engineering.

BioSynThai has deep knowledge of enzyme catalysis and the technological advances in enzyme and metabolic engineering and synthetic biology. We can help our partners achieve conversion of bio-wastes into higher value chemicals and materials. Green chemistry can make production processes more sustainable, and reduce greenhouse gas and toxic waste generation. BioSynThai is an advocate and a pioneer in technology development in these areas.

BioSynThai has already piloted the commercialization of our proprietary specialty enzymes, biofertilizers and biodigestant for community and household waste management. We are open to collaborating with industrial customers on customized synthetic biology and bio-process projects for scaled up conversion of waste into valuable (bio)chemicals.

BioSynThai’s roadmap includes expanding its venture into a formal structure incorporating the right investor stakeholders.