10-11 January 2022

Installation Of SUZDEE At Sangkhom District, Nong Khai Province

On Jan 10-11, the BioSynThai team installed two 1,000L SUZDEE digestant units at Sangkhom District Agricultural Extension Office, Nong Khai Province. These can digest more than 20 kg of food waste per day. The digestant is located at a senior citizens cooperative, where locally-grown bananas are made into banana chips. The biogas produced by the SUZDEE plant is being used directly as an energy source for frying the bananas.

The Sangkhom municipality is very actively promoting waste segregation. All restaurants and household are encouraged to separate trash. Recyclable waste such as plastics, papers etc. are collected twice every month. Food waste is collected by the municipal authority almost every day. The designated staff put food waste into the digestant and take out biofertilizer daily. The biofertilizer is distributed amongst locals to grow vegetable and plants.