11-12 January 2022

Installation Of SUZDEE At Si Wilai District, Bueng Kan Province

On Jan 11-12, the BioSynThai team installed two 1,000L SUZDEE digestant units at Zerowaste Learning Center, village office, Si Wilai District, Bueng Kan. These can digest more than 20 kg of food waste per day. The biogas produced by SUZDEE digestant at this site is used for cooking by the family that operates the unit . It is also used to prepare food and hot snacks for bi-monthly village meetings. Biofertilizer obtained is being distributed in the village for growing vegetable and plants. The SUZDEE digestant demonstrates clearly to villagers that trash segregation is an important part of trash management, and with proper technology, trash can serve as a valuable resource in accordance with the Circular Economy model.