7-9 February 2022

Installation of SUZDEE at Organic Farm and Restaurant at Ban Nong Ngern, Wang Saphung District, Loei Province

On Feb 7-9, the BioSynThai team installed SUZDEE digestant at the organic farm and restaurant at Ban Nong Ngern, Wang Saphung District, Loei province. We installed two 1000-L digestant units which can digest > 20 kg of food waste per day. As the digestant is located at the organic farm and restaurant, the biogas produced by SUZDEE digestant is used directly as an energy source for cooking. The restaurant owners also plan to create signature menus highlighting to customers that food is cooked with biogas. They intend to use this as a demonstration and learning tool for locals to appreciate the value of proper trash segregation.

As the site also has an organic farm producing vegetables to sell in the local market, biofertilizer produced by SUZDEE digestants is used directly in the farm. The SUZDEE digestant installed at this site shows locals the practice and benefit of trash segregation.