6, 9 February 2022

Installation Of SUZDEE At Organic Farmer Group, Pho Sri Samran, Mueang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu Province

On Feb 6 and 9, the BioSynThai team installed SUZDEE digestant at Pho Sri Samran Organic Farmer Group and at Ban Hua Na, Municipal office, Mueang District, Nong Bua Lam Phu. One 1,000L digestant unit was installed at each site. The Organic Farmer Group members segregate their household trash and put food waste into the digestant. As they are growing organic vegetables, the biofertilizer from SUZDEE digestant supports their main business.

At Ban Hua Na Municipal office, staff practice waste segregation and put their food waste into the SUZDEE digestant. They use the biogas produced to cook lunch and the biofertilizer to grow organic vegetables and plants at the municipal office. SUZDEE digestant units installed at both sites demonstrates to locals that trash segregation and technology can turn trash into valuable resources according in accordance with the Circular Economy model.